Technology Supporters

Technology Supporters are the professionals with deep skills in areas vital for supporting technology companies; these are the lawyers, patent agents, accountants, tax advisers, IT specialists, and other professionals. Getting the correct advice at the right time can help companies avoid many of the pitfalls that can, at one level, be an enormous distraction but more worryingly can also be far more serious and may destroy a company’s prospects.

NuAge is networked with some of the best Technology Supporters; all with impressive track records in helping companies maximise their efficiency, systems and overall operations.

Why should a Technology Supporter be part of the NuAge Vision network?

One reason being that we can introduce new clients. More importantly, tapping into the NuAge Vision network creates an added value proposition for you to offer your clients; we can strengthen current and new client relationships by bringing a range of additional skills through our network.

Why should NuAge Vision wish to work with a Technology Supporter?

In essence – to make sure clients fully understand and appreciate what it is a Technology Supporter brings. Too often we have observed that when Technology Pioneers engage with Technology Supporters lack of mutual understanding leads to less than optimal interactions. By working with NuAge Vision the full benefit of the Technology Supporter’s service can be realized, i.e. we add value by making sure that each element of the mix is working to a common goal. In addition the interaction between Technology Supporters in the NuAge network will create a mutually beneficial environment by, for example, cross referring clients and knowing where additional resources can be found.

The sum of the parts...

We believe that the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts is absolutely true when NuAge Vision and Technology Supporter can collaborate and work with potential clients.