Technology Seekers


These are organisations seeking new ideas, innovations, technologies and products to boost their current portfolio.

Filling the new products pipeline with innovative ideas and technologies is crucial for company survival. NuAge Vision, with its links to an array of Technology Pioneers, is ideally suited to assist Technology Seekers to populate their pipelines with strategically matched opportunities.

Revolution or Evolution?

NuAge Vision can help you identify new opportunities from the revolutionary through to the incremental.

Understanding the Fit

NuAge Vision’s approach is to engage with its clients to understand their needs, strategy and requirements; helping to provide optimized solutions.

 Enhancing the Process

We’re familiar with the gateway process (for instance PACE) for managing innovation that technology seekers are very skilled in adopting and managing.

The key is identifying the right opportunities. For clients struggling to generate quality pipeline opportunities NuAge Vision can help by monitoring the scientific landscape for innovations that specifically match clients’ requirements.

So working with clients’ business development departments NuAge Vision complements and enhances the scouting function.