Technology Pioneers

The Technology Pioneers are the people who innovate, invent and develop the next generation technologies.

Technology Pioneers come from many different origins for example

Research Institutes
Start-Up companies
Incubator groups within larger companies

Technology Pioneers are knowledgeable and driven by their innovations and new ideas but do not always have the same degree of acumen in the commercialization process. NuAge Vision adds value by marrying pioneers with the best operational procedures in a way that maintains the Pioneer culture whilst developing commercial traction. Establishing a symbiotic relationship and managing the relationship for success on both sides.

Creativity and Process

Pioneers are strong in creativity but may need help with commercialization. NuAge Vision can provide the expertise, people and skills for success.

The Right Commercial Start

NuAge-Vision offers the Technology Pioneer an opportunity to work with commercial experts who, using their experience of taking early stage technologies through to market, will assist you in optimizing your business model and where appropriate provide interim management.

By working with NuAge-Vision you to get the freedom to develop your technology in the knowledge that the other pieces of the puzzle are in good hands.

Growth through Partnering

To fuel growth, Start-ups will typically need to strike agreements/deals with companies that have established capabilities in one or more of the following; manufacturing, marketing and sales etc. NuAge-Vision with its extensive network of such companies is ideally suited to identify the best partners for the pioneer.