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Ip - a Strategic Weapon for Marketeers

Intellectual property comes in a variety of different forms, all of which contribute to a company's products, services and brand. Understanding how to align your IP assets with your marketing strategy can quickly make you a leader in your technology space.

PatSnap and NuAge vision, a start-up focused management and business consultancy, have partnered to explore how marketing departments should use intellectual property assets to generate revenue. Using real life examples, the webinar will look at:

  • The Strategic Marketeer’s Toolbox
  • How intellectual property has determined business and marketing strategy
  • Using IP as a strategic weapon

The webinar illustrates how a deep understanding of IP, technology and competitive landscapes can produce successful and sustainable business strategies.

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IP analytics and its role in business decision making

Although intellectual property is often a large asset to any innovative company it can be hard to justify to senior management the costs that come with it. Patents especially, need to be renewed yearly and also can become very costly in the case of infringement that leads to litigation.

So how can you explain to your senior management that your IP is a key essential asset? This is what Nick Pay and Pete Hotten will be discussing in this webinar. 

You will learn: 

- How to best showcase the value of your IP

- The language you should use with senior management

- What steps can you take to integrate IP into your whole business


The on-demand webinar can be accessed by clicking here