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NuAge Vision links all components required to take idea to product

We view the overall process from idea to market includes  <a href=”#” class=”eModal-19″>Technology Pioneers</a> are, typically, those inventors, and developer who have a great idea and require skills and partnerships to further develop their idea (inventors etc.), Technology [tippy title=”Seekers”]We define technology seekers as those who wish to add, acquire or licence technology to expand their portfolio[/tippy] (later stage acquirers), Technology [tippy title=”Investors”]Includes those who are considering investing in technology companies. eg Venture Capitalists, high net worth individuals, seed funds, fund managers etc[/tippy] (financial support) and Technology [tippy title=”Supporters”]Those who provide the invaluable services to technology companies, For instance Lawyers, IP specialists, Accountants etc[/tippy]  (professional advisors).

Click on any of the headings to the left to learn more about NuAge Vision’s quadrant definitions. Each being different but equally important and each can benefit from the skills NuAge Vision brings.


NuAge-Vision business model includes a structured network of consultants working in the Life Science, Diagnostics and Biotechnology sectors. The principals of NuAge-Vision  have a track record in identifying commercially valuable technology and bringing it to market and together with our extensive, structured network of other specialists, covering a comprehensive rangle of complementary skills and expertise, we are excellently positioned to provide bespoke assistance and solutions to clients for tackling specific issues or developing wider business strategies. Our skills are primarily focused in:

  • Technology assessment, competitive analysis

  • Building successful commercialization models (licensing, start-up companies, corporate venturing)

  • IP asset management

  • Strategic planning and tactic implementation

  • Business Planning, market assessments and analyses

  • Project Management

  • Access to the European Market through our extended network including Human Resource management

  • Links to finance and first class commercial Professional Advisors

  • Structuring, negotiating and most importantly closing deals

The team has experience in

  • Working with leading IP providers (Universities, Research Institutes, etc)

  • Creating and Managing start-up companies

  • Working with larger SME’s and divisions of multi-national companies.

This background provides the skills needed to understand how to create value in the technology Sector. Typically projects undertaken by NuAge-Vision are led by one of the principals who will call upon relevant expertise and skills from the network (The NuAge-Vision Cloud) if required. A client has one point of contact who will co-ordinate, lead and ultimately be responsible to the client

With impressive track records, the NuAge Vision principals are highly skilled in identifying winners and accessing the essential partners to deliver the technology to the marketplace.

We offer:

  • Assessments of the technology potential, competition and market
  •  Development of commercialization models and value added IP strategies
  • Guidance during the funding process including introductions to potential sources of funds
  • Mediation with key specialist advisors
  • Project Management
  • Insight and leads to international / European markets.