Oxford September 2016

NuAge Vision launches its new publication service. Offering bespoke publications centring on the commercialisation process, NuAge is on the search for authors who have experience of bringing projects alive and to a commercial success, to add to the range of publications already available. Nick Pay, who is in charge of the project said "all too much knowledge and experience is wasted and we are trying to provide a vehicle for those people who would like to write about their experiences and know-how".  

Oxford May 2015

NuAge Vision provides interim management to the University of Edinburgh

Pete Hotten penned a contract with the Edinburgh Research Institute to provide interim CEO services for at least a year. Pete described this opportunity for NuAge as "an endorsement of what NuAge stands for and the value we can provide to our potential clients"


Oxford 20/5/2015

The NuAge Vision workshop programme success continues 

NuAge Vision have been busy rolling-out its workshop programme with the latest two workshops being held in Cambridge (25/2) and at the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst (19/5). Nick Pay, a founder of NuAge Vision, said that "these workshops are a cornerstone of our commitment to provide the highest quality service to our clients. We hope that these workshops will not only be of tremendous value to those attending but will lead to further engagements with our ever expanding client base. We would, of course, like to thank our workshop sponsors for their continuing support"

Oxford 27/1/2015

NuAge  Vision joins the Cambridge Network

Nuage Vision joins the Cambridge network - providing professional advice for start-up companies and established companies in the area of strategic marketing and IP landscaping. Nick Pay, a founder of Nuage Vision, said that "Cambridge is an important area in the UK for technology and innovation. We believe that we can assist companies optimise their technology assets by offering our specific skills set as well as enabling potential clients to tap into a vast network of professional advisers. By joining the Cambridge Network we think this give us access to a range of companies who should be interested in our offering".

Oxford 30/10/2014

NuAage Vision expands it's affiliates network with the addition:

Mollan & co (Leading  firm of accountants, tax and business advisers based in the historic city of York)

Kriston Technology (Respected for catering to those businesses who cannot justify having dedicated IT staff and the associated costs)

BaierConsulting.  (Board level strategic management consultancy)

Nick Pay, co-founder of NuAge Vision commented "we are really delighted to strengthen our network of affiliates with such top quality companies. I think the business model adopted by NuAge  appeals to our affiliates as they can see the value of working together in a complementary way and not, in some cases, in competition. This is a real value added solution for our clients"


Oxford - July 2014

July has been busy for us in NuAge. As of the end of July we are pleased to welcome 3 affiliates to the NuAge cloud.

Richardsons ( a highly respected chartered accountancy with expertise in startups and biotech)

BioQuest Consulting (headed by Bruce Savage who is very well known and highly respected in the Biosciences sector as a leading entrepreneur)

Jupp Consulting ( headed by Andrew Jupp, Jupp brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to strategic tax considerations when starting businesses especially in the Biotech R&D tax credit field). 

The addition of these affiliates to the NuAge cloud strengthens our position as a leading adviser to Technology Pioneers 


Oxford - June 2014

On 3/6/2014 NuAge-Vision Ltd was incorporated. Nick Pay, one of the founders of NuAge-Vision Ltd said "both Pete (Hotten) and I are very proud that we have gone live, and we believe that the services NuAge-Vision bring will be very attractive to small and big companies alike. Whilst the website is very embryonic at the moment we encourage those interested to keep checking back for more information".






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