Freedom to Operate Series (I)

“Freedom to operate”, or “FTO”, is usually used to determine whether a particular action, such as testing or commercialising a product, can be done without infringing valid intellectual property rights of others. Clearly an implication is whether the patents covering a specific technology do not infringe others’ technology but less obvious is whether the patents […]

Business Models

Business Models Workshop 1   Contents of the tutorial modules The NuAge Vision Business Model Workshop is based around 5 areas as illustrated below. In total there are 6 modules, one of which is the over-riding definition module explaining the need to describe and understand a workable business model.       Module 1 – […]

NuAge Vision IP services

NuAge Vision IP services 1 At NuAge we have the skills to offer consultancy in each of the IP areas listed below. While particularly skilled in a number of life science related technologies our general skills in evaluating the commercial situation, in respect to IP, translate across a far wider range of technologies.  IP portfolio […]

Intellectual Property Road-mapping

Intellectual Property Road-Mapping 1 As the name implies Intellectual property (IP) is a form of property, an asset, and like any other asset it can be owned, traded, given away, or used for commercial purposes. IP has a value. IP is an intangible asset, i.e. one without physical form, unlike buildings, equipment, stock or other […]

Our Business Model

.        Navigate to: Technology Seekers Technology Pioneers Technology Supporters Technology Investors     Our Business Model “linking essential components together to take idea to product” We view the overall process from idea to market includes Technology Pioneers (inventors etc.), Technology Seekers (later stage acquirers) , Technology Investors (financial support) and Technology Supporters (professional advisors). Click on […]

What is NuAge Vision?

NuAge Vision specializes in  mentoring, consultancy and interim management services for aspiring start-ups and early stage companies in the technology led fields but  especially in Life Sciences.


Welcome to What is NuAge Vision?  NuAge Vision specializes in Mentoring, Management and Business Consultancy and Interim Management Services for aspiring start-ups and early stage companies in the technology led fields but especially in Life Sciences. To complement our start-up focus we work with larger companies to provide enhanced business development activities. Our goal is […]

Technology Investors

Technology Investors 1 Technology investors typically include high net worth individuals, small and large funds through to private equity funds. Early stage Biotech/Life Sciences can provide extremely attractive opportunities for technology Investors but the field is complex, dynamic and high risk. To maximise the chance of success the investor requires 1) A wide array of […]

Technology Supporters

Technology Supporters 1 Technology Supporters are the professionals with deep skills in areas vital for supporting technology companies; these are the lawyers, patent agents, accountants, tax advisers, IT specialists, and other professionals. Getting the correct advice at the right time can help companies avoid many of the pitfalls that can, at one level, be an […]

Technology Seekers

Technology Seekers 1   These are organisations seeking new ideas, innovations, technologies and products to boost their current portfolio. Filling the new products pipeline with innovative ideas and technologies is crucial for company survival. NuAge Vision, with its links to an array of Technology Pioneers, is ideally suited to assist Technology Seekers to populate their […]