Business Strategy


A particular interest and capability of NuAge Vision is in business Analysis, creating business models, developing strategy, implementing strategy through marketing. Our services cover the creation of business plan from the ground up to assessing current strategies and evaluating success factors. With our in-depth industry experience we have worked with start-ups and the world's leading life sciences companies to help them with implementing their vision. 

The “art” of strategy road-mapping is one that is severely underrated as a tool that will bring focus and value to any  company. Yes all the “big boys” do this at ridiculous cost and Yes they provide certain perspectives which are valuable. What makes us different is that we have worked and breathed in industry. We have been under the same sorts of pressure for results, we have grappled with the same dilemmas as you. With this experience we can translate marketing models which are not just theoretical but actually work!







Moving Forward

So don't get bogged down, simply contact us and see how we could help you not only with your thinking but also with the creation of a commercially viable business plan or introductions to inventors/scientists/engineers for your next generation products.

We also run Strategy workshops designed to pressure test your current strategy or develop a new one


Putting those strategies into action calls for sets of activities to support the your most valuable resource...people. 

Strategy is only as good as the ability to implement. This is a problem many companies encounter when engaging "top - level" consultancies. That is not to say the information is wrong or poor but in many cases the consultancy/consultant has never been in industry, doing the things identified - so called "walking the talk"!!! So great for theory but not so good for implementation. Both the founders of NuAge Vision have experience with start-ups (either as founder or CEO) , medium sized (in a range of roles such as CEO, business development director, marketing manager) and large companies (senior vice president for strategy, European business director, divisional director etc) working with the marketing & strategic issues facing them and with this experience we know what works and what does not. 

Contact us and let's explore ways in which we can help you!