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What is NuAge Vision? 

NuAge Vision specializes in Mentoring, Management and Business Consultancy and Interim Management Services for aspiring start-ups and early stage companies in the technology led fields but especially in Life Sciences.

To complement our start-up focus we work with larger companies to provide enhanced business development activities. Our goal is to bring new ideas and approaches for companies who are masters in structures and process but lack access to innovation. Because we work with a whole raft of start-up companies, we have knowledge of research activities in universities and academia so we can provide the link for larger companies to expand their networks and explore innovations which could provide those next generation products


NuAge Vision

Our Focus

NuAge-Vision has particular strengths in the diagnostics, life science, medtech and biotechnology (incl industrial biotechnology) areas but its generic skills and capabilities translate into other areas of technology.

How we Work

We enhance the communications and stimulate 'open innovation' between multi-disciplinary agencies essential for successful technology transfer. This involves:

• Building a sustainable framework for commercial success.

• Identifying new opportunities to accelerate progress.

• De-risking investments to attract venture capital. 

• Sourcing top quality professional advice to facilitate success.

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Market Knowledge

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